Problems With Shar Peis

The history of the Shar Pei breed still continues to define the behavioral problems of the animal. Training of a Shar Pei must focus on putting the Shar Pei into a submissive role with its owner dominant and not questionable. This requires a strong commitment as a dog owner. The Shar Pei is one of the more common pets today despite its typically aggressive behavior to strangers and other dogs.

  • J.J.

    is it true that shar peis have a lot of health problems?
    Planning to buy one so i was wondering if its true P.S. I do not want to adopt shar pei or any other breed from a shelter !!!!

  • Meg

    They have lots of skin problems.
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  • madmerle

    YES!!!! do some hard-core research and make sure you can handle vet bills!
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  • i_want_a_pet_goat

    I don't think they do…but German Shepards do a bit, some have really bad heart problems..
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  • Stark

    Shar Peis can have skin problems. And because of their wrinkles they can sometimes have eye problems, called entropion. Their skin wrinkles cause their eye lids to roll in, so their eye lashes constantly scratch their cornea. You can read more information about them here:

    If you absolutely do not want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, then Please be sure to go to a reputable breeder. You want to find a breeder who keeps their dogs as loving family members, in good condition. They shouldn't over breed their dogs. They should be breeding in order to better the breed as a whole, and focus on excellent health and excellent temperaments.
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  • fae

    Yes, they have inverted eye lashes the upper and lower lids roll inward causing the irritatation of the eye itself and it requires surgery to correct. They are also terribly suceptable to dermatitus and fungus in the folds of their skin, which leads to mange and baldness and stinky! You must be fastidious in their care, this is a high maintenance pet!
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  • cait

    The Shar Pei is unfortuantely prone to many serious health risks that involve the skin, eyes, kidneys and serious fever-like episodes. Make sure that you do lots of homework and find a reputable breeder with healthy breeding stock before you decide to buy. Shar Peis make lovely pets! :)
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The Shar Pei Manual